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bhajansinghBhajan Singh
Founding Director
Bhajan is a businessman, community organizer, publisher, author, and a defender of universal human dignity who is recognized internationally for pioneering efforts to preserve and protect the human dignity of people of all faiths and nations.
Contact: singh.b [at] ofmi [dot] org



arvinArvin Valmuci
Communications Coordinator
Arvin is an activist based in North America who considers himself a world citizen and desires to facilitate global communications between oppressed people from every section of the earth.
Contact: arvin.v [at] ofmi [dot] org

Advisory Board

1235060_560274200675690_1014910795_nJada Bernard
A native of New Orleans, Jada is a civil rights advocate, libertarian proponent, and community organizer who speaks and writes about faith, racism, and abuses of political power. He also serves as a barber, trainer of dogs, and student of human nature.
Contact: jada.b [at] ofmi [dot] org



1523213_455984157882194_6994686185691957284_oPieter Friedrich
Pieter is a US-based writer, activist, and Christian who focuses on issues of political and religious liberty with special emphasis on South Asia. He has authored two reports on human rights issues in India and edited several other publications.
Contact: pieter [at] singhofjudah [dot] com



navkirankaurNavkiran Kaur Khalra
Navkiran, the daughter of human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra (who was murdered by Indian police in 1995 for exposing a system of secret killings and illegal cremations by security forces in Punjab), is an advocate for liberty and peace in India.
Contact: navkiran.k [at] ofmi [dot] org



mrpaulMohan Ram Paul
M. R. Paul is International Coordinator of Backward and Minority Communities Employees’ Federation (U.S.), a director of Bhim Rao Ambedkar Sikh Foundation (BRASF), a social activist who worked closely with renowned civil rights leaders Babu Kanshi Ram and Kumari Mayawati, and author of Agony of Social Structuration in India and Social Change.
Contact: paul.m [at] ofmi [dot] org



amriksinghDr. Amrik Singh
Dr. Amrik Singh is a Professor of Punjabi and Ethnic Studies at Sacramento State University in California. A leading organizer of the U.S. Mulnivasi diaspora, Amrik is an academic pillar of the international liberation movement. He is a student of the Sikh-American experience, state-sponsored terrorism, Ambedkarism, and liberty.
Contact: amrik.s [at] ofmi [dot] org



gbsinghDr. G. B. Singh
Dr. G. B. Singh is a retired U.S. Army colonel, author of two books on the life of Mohandas Gandhi (most recently Gandhi Under Cross-Examination), and a professional student of Indian politics, world religions and their true historical values and political impacts, and the life and teachings of Gandhi.
Contact: gb.s [at] ofmi [dot] org



nanaksinghNanak Singh
Nanak is a businessman, an advocate for universal human dignity, a staunch opponent of the caste system and all other forms of institutionalized discrimination, and a grassroots activist who supplies endless energy to disseminating information about the plight of the persecuted.
Contact: nanak.s [at] ofmi [dot] org