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Advisory Board

jadabernardJada Bernard
Advisor on Community Organization
jada.b [at] ofmi [dot] org





navjotkaurNavjot Kaur
Director of OFMI Women’s Wing

navjot.k [at] ofmi [dot] org





navkirankaurNavkiran Kaur Khalra
Advisor on Universal Human Dignity

navkiran.k [at] ofmi [dot] org



Dr. S. Muni
Advisor on Universal Human Dignity
muni.s [at] ofmi [dot] org

mrpaulMohan Ram Paul
Advisor on Infrastructure and Apparatus of Systems of Oppression

paul.m [at] ofmi [dot] org




chrisschweglerChristopher Schwegler
Advisor on Peace and Prosperity

Chris is a Christian activist and Northern California native. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he is a student of economics, history, and faith. He describes his work and mission as “bearing witness to truth.”

chris.s [at] ofmi [dot] org



amriksinghDr. Amrik Singh
Advisor on History, Civil Liberties, and Social Reform

Amrik is a Professor of Punjabi and Ethnic Studies at Sacramento State University in California. A leading organizer of the U.S. Mulnivasi diaspora, Amrik is an academic pillar of the international liberation movement. He is a student of the Sikh-American experience, state terrorism, Ambedkarism, and liberty.
amrik.s [at] ofmi [dot] org



bhajansinghBhajan Singh
Founding Director
Bhajan is a businessman, an American community organizer, a publisher, an author, and a defender of universal human dignity.

who has been called an intellectual pioneer of the modern human rights movement.
bhajan.s [at] ofmi [dot] org



gbsinghDr. G. B. Singh
Advisor on History and Political Theory

gb.s [at] ofmi [dot] org




nanaksinghNanak Singh
Advisor on Community Organization

nanak.s [at] ofmi [dot] org




pietersinghPieter Singh
Advisor on Deconstructing Institutionalized Oppression

pieter.s [at] ofmi [dot] org


Arvin Valmuci, Coordinator
arvin.v [at] ofmi [dot] org